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Marketing In Color SEOWelcome! You have found the one webpage, among the mega-zillion available to us all, where you will learn The Truth about blogging for business – yes, your business.

Business blogging has been a hotter-than-ever topic for our business of late. MIC blogs regularly for a number of clients. SEO is a key component of business blogging, so we always keep an ear to the ground for new trends and best practices in this ever-changing field. And we’ve recently welcomed Jen Straw to our team, a social media expert and seasoned blogger.

So we feel that we can speak with some authority on the topic of business blogging (remember the italicized phrase as you read on). With that, here is The Truth, as we see it, about the much-debated question, To blog, or not?

Marketing In Color thinks you need to be blogging for your business. Probably.

About BloggingIf that answer’s not as definitive as you’d hoped, if you feel a little bamboozled, please accept our apology. We don’t mean to be cute or misleading. What we do mean to be is candid, engaging, and approachable. Especially the last two.  The reason we’re aiming for those things in this blog post illustrates one of the major benefits of business blogging: it provides us with the opportunity to interact in a personal way with potential customers.

Here’s a bit of Business 101 that always bears repeating: all of us like to do business with people we know. Yes, the web can be a cold, impersonal place – but it does not have to be. Let your customers get to know you, your staff and your offerings by creating a dialogue – through the use of comments – on your business blog.

Blogging for your business also allows you to inform, educate, and even entertain your audience. When you speak with authority about your products or services, or items and topics related to them, you build the kind of credibility that turns a potential customer into a sold one. A major function of just about any business today is educating customers. Blogging makes that happen, continually.

There is the technical benefit to blogging, as well – the geeky science we depend on but would rather avoid. By launching a website (and with it, a blog), you announce to the online world that you’re open for business. It follows that you want to be found. Your static website pages will not accomplish this on their own. The search engine “spiders” that crawl websites will pass right by yours if the content remains the same. Blogging adds fresh content to your site that can be crawled and indexed by search engines, which will improve your site’s chances of being found in organic searches.

We said that blogging for business is a debatable issue. We said that you  “probably” need to be blogging. Why wouldn’t a blog be right for your business? Here are a few reasons; you will see that they have more to do with the capacity and commitment it takes for a business to produce blogs regularly and effectively than with a case against blogging.

Speaking of which, we couldn’t claim this blog to be The Truth without allowing a voice from the opposition a few minutes with the microphone. We disagree with this point of view, but that’s just us. We believe we’re in a position to speak about blogging with some authority, we view the web as a forum, and we love a healthy debate.

So, bring it on! What’s your take and experience regarding business blogging?

Russ Wilson

About Russ Wilson

Russ is a long-term entrepreneur who brings his own take on marketing strategies from the perspective of a small-business owner.
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